Tony was raised in the Deep South, where he perfected his incredible cooking, friendly attitude, and southern Hospitality. It was during these formable years that he also created his very own dialect that only his closest of family and friends understand. So, in fairness to those who pull up to order, we have prepared this handy translation guide.

“Ax-mike Heno” -  To inquire the knowledge of his younger brother Mike Walden ,Translation “Ask Mike, He Knows”

“Doggin ______________ “- You can fill in the blank when frustrated without feeling guilty of saying an ugly word.  Translation “This Doggin grill needs to get hot”

“Grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato”
For a scavenger accustomed to a diet of bugs, slugs, and roadkill, having a fat, juicy sweet potato to gorge on is like winning the lottery.
“About to pop” - means you are full after eating a lot (the feeling you get after eating at Walden’s)

“AWFULLEST” The worst.

“AHR” What we breathe, also a unit of time made up of 60 minutes        “DEM DERE” Those - Dem Dere Catfish are delicious

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